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Let our licensed paralegals help you avoid fines, demerit points, increase in insurance premiums and licence suspension.

Distracted Driving

Using your phone to talk, text, check maps or choose a playlist while you’re behind the wheel all count as distracted driving – As of January 2019, up to $1000.00, 3 Demerit Points and a 3 Day Driver’s Licence Suspension


Careless Driving

Careless Driving includes 6 demerit points.
For G1/G2/M1/M2, instead of the 6 (six) demerit points, you will automatically receive a 30-day driver’s licence suspension, for a first offence.*


Speeding tickets can affect insurance premiums. G1 or G2 licence holders are suspended for speeding more than 30km/h. Speeding tickets for speeds over 50km/h have a possible thirty (30) day suspension.*


Why Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Traffic Tickets - Speeding, Careless Driving, Disobeying a Stop Sign, Fail to Move, Fail to Remain at an Accident - can result in License Suspension.

Paying a fine and pleading guilty to a traffic ticket can have many more consequences than a hefty fine amount. Most traffic tickets have demerit points and as little as one conviction can increase your insurance rates.

Let POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Paralegals represent you in court.

Our Process


You receive a traffic ticket or summons from a police officer. You can call  1-888-787-0260 or  book your free consultation online.

Text Your Ticket

Text a clear image of the traffic ticket and your driver's licence to (905) 903-0260

Free Consultation

A POINTTS Traffic Ticket Paralegal will review your ticket(s) and/or summons.

Fight Your Ticket

You retain POINTTS The Traffic Ticket Paralegals to fight your ticket in court. We do our utmost to get you the best possible outcome.

What People Are Saying About POINTTS™ Hamilton

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!
“POINTTS Hamilton…thank you for the excellent job you and your colleagues did in reducing my speeding fine from $240 to $60 and even more importantly reducing points from 4 to 0!!! You made the process seamless and easy for me as a client. Would be happy to recommend your services to any of my friends should they ever need them. Thanks again.” V.H.

POINTTS™ Hamilton – “The team at POINTTS Hamilton was incredibly helpful and dedicated to my case. They handled my matter with an outstanding degree of professionalism, while offering a non-biased stress-free environment. The Hamilton Pointts team is knowledgeable and resourceful, offering valued advice tailored to my particular situation. They went above and beyond to obtain the best settlement option for my traffic ticket. I am immensely appreciative of the team at Pointts Hamilton and will definitely recommend their services in the future.” B.H.

POINTTS™ Hamilton – “I would like to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for your efforts and intervention with dealing with my case. Thank-you so much for advocating on my behalf and acquiring the outcome. Much appreciated! You made my day!! All the best to you Edward”. Jean L.

POINTTS™ Hamilton – “I really appreciate everything POINTTS™ did for me. They took care of my Hamilton ticket from Niagara, and saved me much money on my tickets. Furthermore they communicated and answered all my questions immediately. When you’ve got questions or problems, they are definitely the ones to call or in my case, email. Thanks POINTTS™, you are the best.” Frank

POINTTS™ Hamilton – “You guys are AWESOME!! Thank you sooo very much. I appreciate all the help you have given. My day is looking much brighter now. Thanks again.” Kelly

POINTTS™ Hamilton – “I would recommend you guys to all my friends and relatives. Thank you all for all your help. I do appreciate knowing you had my back. I would recommend you guys to all my friends and relatives who wind up with driving problems. Thanks again.” Agnes

“POINTTS™ Hamilton – OMG! I am so happy! I will miss you guys, although not the circumstances that led me to you. Thanks so much again!” Lisa

POINTTS™ Hamilton – “On behalf of my Mom and myself, I would like to thank you very much. The support that you have provided has been truly appreciated. Thank you again.” Jeanette


POINTTS™ Paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. For over 34 groundbreaking years, POINTTS™(Provincial Offences Information and Traffic Ticket Service) has been committed to providing quality legal representation to over a million satisfied clients.

We mean it when we say on your side….by your side!


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