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Driver Safety Rating

MPI is committed to safer roads. One of the ways we encourage safe driving is through the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) system.

Appeal Board Hearings

You can apply for an appeal to the Licence Suspension Appeal Board (LSAB) to determine if you qualify for a conditional driver’s licence. There are specific requirements to appeal to the LSAB depending on what enforcement authority took action against your driver’s licence. Contact POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Specialists (Bonded Agent) for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Experience Matters.

Show Cause Hearings

Manitoba Public Insurance may call drivers in due to convictions or collisions appearing on their driving record. This hearing takes place before your licence has been suspended, and POINTTS™ want to do whatever we can to prevent you from getting a licence suspension. Contact POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Agents for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Experience Matters.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving means any activity that diverts your attention from the road. Being distracted, even for just a few seconds, is all it can take to cause a fatal crash.
If you’re caught, you’ll receive a three-day licence suspension for a first offence and a seven-day suspension for subsequent offences. Upon conviction, you will also receive a $672 fine and five demerits.


Dangerous Driving

The law interprets the term “dangerous driving” more broadly nowadays. Some of the circumstances where dangerous driving charges are commonly being laid may surprise you. A conviction for dangerous driving results in ten demerits and higher Autopac premiums. It also means a hefty fine, licence suspension and maybe even time in jail. Keep your eyes on the road and drive safely.



A speeding violation of up to 49 km/h over the posted speed limit moves you down the DSR scale two levels. If you’re travelling 50 km/h or more over the limit, the penalty is 10 levels.
The safer you drive, the higher you move on the scale and the more money you save. Your position on Manitoba’s 36-level Driver Safety Rating (DSR) scale depends on your driving record.


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“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg… Very many thanks for defending my two traffic citations – successfully. I am extremely pleased, because I managed to save 4 merits and that’s worth more than I can say. At every opportunity I will most certainly recommend my friends to you! Thanks again.” Will

“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg… I am writing to express my great satisfaction for the experience of having been represented by Elizabeth Mateus of POINTTS™ in Winnipeg regarding a traffic ticket. Elizabeth was very professional, courteous and skillful in her representation and I highly recommend her.
Many thanks to Elizabeth and POINTTS™.

Sincerely, John B.

“…POINTTS Winnipeg… Thank you so much. You are fantastic!.” Max S.

“POINTTS™ Winnipeg – Your matter has been stayed – You’re a GEM” M. N.

“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg – I want to thank you ever so much. I was feeling down this morning but after reading your email, I feel much better. Again thank you and you have a great day!.” Sharon H.

“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg… Thanks for the follow-up for my Court appearance and I really appreciated the Representation. It was worth the trip. Much Happy and Merry to you and thanks a bunch I was not expecting this outcome. I will recommend anyone that may need future assist on Driving matters for sure. Take care and much love and devotion from Winnipeg. Please Big Thanks once again job well done and much appreciated. Big Fan, Dave and take care. Happy Holidays and Much Thanks again I am knocked out by this. Thanks Again!!” Dave

“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg… Thank You So very much, This is Awesome news. You have helped me so much. I cannot believe what you have done for me. I will sure be telling everyone how you have helped me. I have learned a lot from this and will be extra careful on the road. You are the Best Thank You!.” Zakk

“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg… I am very grateful you provided your services to me for a speeding ticket and won it for me. Thank you very much for your time and effort.” Kelli

“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg… Thank you for saving many years of undue stress and for having the confidence in me and my situation to help like you did. It is very much appreciated!” Chad

“…POINTTS™ Winnipeg… Very many thanks for defending my two traffic citations successfully. I am extremely pleased, because I managed to save 4 merits and that’s worth more than I can say. At every opportunity I will most certainly recommend my friends to you! Thanks again.” William


POINTTS™ Paralegals are licensed and bonded by the province of Manitoba.

POINTTS™ (Provincial Offences Information and Traffic Ticket Service) has been committed to providing quality legal representation to over a million satisfied clients.

We help our clients with traffic tickets, accidents and offences related to the Highway Traffic Act as well as legal representation in court and legal advice

When you decide to fight your charge with the help of POINTTS™, we guide you through the process and do everything possible to give you a successful outcome. We’re not just any traffic ticket defense company, we’re the one others try to imitate.


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